OCR in DEvonthink to go

Does OCR of PDFs only occur on the desktop app?

Yes. OCR is only available on DEVONThink Pro Office on the desktop.

Keep it can do it on iOS as well.

There are plenty of OCR options to choose from on iOS.

Adding OCR is not a trivial matter. Also, it will increase the cost to us, which we obviously would have to pass on to you, the consumer. These are not questions answered so simply.


There is a Siri shortcut solution for simple OCR tasks: RoutineHub • Rob’s OCR
Mind however, that this is using a free OCR API (ocr.space) to perform the character recognition. Given that nothing worthwhile is ever really free, I’d assume that they’re storing your data.

Checking up on that I seem to be wrong.

All uploaded documents are deleted after processing. We do not keep any of your data. @ OCR.SPACE Privacy Policy

The service apparently is based in Germany. If you’re considering to use it, you still might want to spend some time validating their sincerity though.

Alternatively, Readdle’s Scanner App yielded some satisfactory outcome for me in the past.

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As @zeitlings says. I would recommend getting a specialised OCR scanner app such as ABBY’s, Scanbot or such, scan from them and from then share to DT.