OCR is not working anymore

Hi there,

using Devonthink Pro Office, I had never any problems doing ocr on any file.

But all of the sudden this feature won’t work anymore the way it used to.

I can start the ocr-process; but the resulting file wouldn’t show “PDF + Text” (as it used to) but only “PDF”.

Do I, by chance, have to reinstall the ABBYY-Enginge? If so: How would one do this.

BTW: Folder action involving OCR is not working either. Again, it would just create a “PDF” but not the desired “PDF + Text”.

Help appreciated.


Is the PDF not searchable?

Have you added or updated software recently?
Does this persist after a machine reboot?

Yes, I did install the Devonthink Pro Office update 2.8.9.

And yes, rebooting the machine did the trick. Now, OCR is working again the way it should be.

Thanks for the awesome support.

File closed.


No problem. :smiley: