Ocr isn't working at all

My OCR isn’t working at all in the most recent update of the beta. If I try to OCR a short 2 page document, it seems to get stuck on adding it and never actually loads/OCRs it. Any suggestions? It’s just a basic PDF version of a newsletter, a small variation on a thing I’ve OCRed 9 million times before. Also tried OCRing a PDF law review article and still nothing.

A copy of the document plus a screenshot of Preferences > OCR would be appreciated - thanks! In addition, which version of DEVONthink and of macOS do you use?

10.14.5 and 3.0 Beta, build 4. Emailing you the two documents and the screenshot now! I just updated today. Was working before this. It’s just stuck on adding document. I have restarted program and also computer.

I sem to have the same problem. It started today after updating to Beta 4.

Edit: Have sent support mail with document and screenshot.

Edit2: It’s working.