OCR loses existing highlights when document has both ocr'd and non ocr'd text

Hi, I realise this is probably a bit of an edge case, but I’ve been reviewing a 450 page document (in fact a whole bunch of these) upon which half way through I find some of the text is not selectable to highlight. It clearly is a bunch of multiple PDF’s that someone has thrown together, some of which has had an OCR done on it, some not. To fix it I decided to use good ol devonthink to OCR it and see if it would keep my existing highlights, which relatively unsurprisingly it didn’t.

I’m not sure that that the existing highlights need to be aligned to an OCR or not, or if it’s just a layer in the pdf. Either way, I suspect another way of solving this would be to allow devonthink to OCR specific pages only.

Anyway, I thought I’d put this here in case anyone knows of a way of doing this now, or Devonthink would like to add a new feature down the line.


PDF annotations are on a layer.
There isn’t a built-in function for OCR’ing individual pages, but the request is noted.

Thanks - no idea why I lost the comments then. Anyway, I have worked around it for now.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: