OCR not working in Demo?


just installed the demo version of DTPO (german, if that matters) and tried to import some scans. Every time I try to send the document(s), a popup tells me that the ocr can not be started…? Simply moving the files without ocr works. Tried jpeg,…,pdf, none of them lets me use the ocr - thought this option is installed with the package or am I missing something obvious?


The OCR module of DEVONthink Pro Office is installed by running the Install Add-Ons procedure.

Ouch - I really missed something obvious: “pro” is not “pro office”… :blush:

…and back to the start: installed dtpo (instead of dtp), ran some scans and got ocr working - for about 12-15 scans. Since then it’s gone again, the extra modules tell me Abbyy is installed but greyed out. I can change the ocr settings but since it doesn’t start anymore…? Tried restart, reinstallation and de-/reinstallation… Any chance to separately reinstall or fix Abbyy?

There is a limitation on the number of pages that can be scanned/OCR in the trial version-I believe it is 20 pages per day. The trial is also limited in the total number of hours it will run total, but I believe that figure is 150 hours.

Try to run the OCR tomorrow and see if it works again.