OCR occasionally produces a replicant of the searchable PDF in Global Inbox

Just a certain subgroup in one of my databases.

But not a tag?

No, I promise you, I started the OCR-process from within the root group (I revealed the pdf file before).

(The file is tagged, though. But I guess this doesn’t matter in this context.)

It might matter. Are groups excluded from tagging, see File > Database Properties?

A screenshot of the Info inspector for this file before/after OCR might be useful, thanks.



How is the PDF protected? Is it password protected or are permissions for printing or copying disabled.

The modification of the old file is actually newer than the one of the new file. Did you change it on your own?

Permissions are restricted. This is what the inspector of Preview shows:

I don’t know why this is.

But guys, this is a pattern! This DT behaviour with replicants being created happens everytime when I OCR a file with these restrictions/permissions (not only this specific pdf file, but also other ones). Download any pdf with certain permissions required and try it out yourself.

Do you have a URL to download such a PDF from?

Try this one (finally found one without copyright issues):

Hygienetipps.pdf (1.3 MB)

Btw: No, it did not happen again after exporting/reimporting the same file! Does this help to identify the underlying issue? What does it mean then? Is there a problem with my database?

It might be related to the database structure, e.g. the existing tags, replicants and groups. Or it’s an issue of your smart rules. Does this happen in new databases too?