OCR PDFs synched from DTTG

Is there a way to create a smart rule that would OCR image-only PDF added via DTTG? I often scan documents using iPhone camera, or receive emails with PDFs on my phone that I want to add to DevonThink, but I then have to go on my desktop and convert them to searchable PDFs. I would like to automate this process.

You could use a smart rule that is performed “On synchronization” having at least the condition “Kind is Image” (and maybe limiting the search to a dedicated group or using more conditions - otherwise all images in all synchronized databases would be processed!!!) and perform the action OCR > Apply (and other actions, e.g. move the OCRed result to a different group).

In version 3.0.1 “On synchronization” will be actually renamed to “Before synchronization” (as that’s more or less what it is currently) and a new trigger “After synchronization” added, then I would recommend the new trigger.

Is an image-only pdf considered to have the kind ‘image’?
Also, is there a way to limit to newly synchronized documents, as opposed to anything In my inbox (I guess limiting to inbox might be a good enough limit).
Is there an easy way to see the kind of a document? In DTTG both image-only PDFs and PDFs after OCR have the kind ‘PDF document’.

No, that’s a PDF (instead of PDF+Text).

That’s not possible but you could do this:

  1. The rule should only search in a certain group (including subgroups), see “Search in” popup of smart rule editor.
  2. Append also a “Move” action to the actions so that OCRed images are moved to a different group and the rule isn’t applied to them anymore.

On the Mac the kind can be e.g. found in the Info inspector/popover or in the “Kind” columns of list views. Or in the details of columns view.

The complete rule could look like this:

The trigger “After synchronization” will be introduced by version 3.0.1, til then use “On synchronization” instead.