ocr processes


I’m trying to ocr a number of files. There are times when it seems as if ocr has stalled allthough devonthink does not show up as “not responding” when I check active processes.

Is there any particular process that should be running, other than devonthink itself, when ocr is running?

I also noticed that the progress bar seems to stay at halfway and the processor activity is merely 5,40% which seems a bit low for ongoing ocr activity

There is a separate process called “RDE” that is doing the OCR. On some documents the analysis of pages can take an extremely long time in my experience, so the best thing is to keep it running. However, if you click on the close button in the OCR status window, that job will be cancelled and the next should start after a while (depending on the response of the RDE application).

Note as well that in rare cases certain documents require a huge amount of RAM for the page analysis so that may also cause extra delays since your machine is swapping memory in and out while you’re using it. My advice: take a stroll or make a nice cup of tea (an oolong works wonders in these cases).

Thanks for the reply. I left the job running all night and it still wasnt finished when I got up. So i dont think thats the problem. I have now split the file and am trying it again as two seperate documents.

Merry Christmas by the way

PS/ Lapsang Souchang is the only way to go