OCR recognition question

If I take a photo of a document with my iPhone camera from within DT To Go, is that document OCR searchable at any stage?

I assume it will be OCR scanned when it is synced to DT office pro on my desktop.

When/how does it get turned into a PDF?

Thanks very much.

As I recall, the option to OCR images in DEVONthink To Go only recognizes the text of the image and stores the text in Spotlight Comments of the image file in the Mac DEVONthink database.

I often take photos of book and journal pages with my iPhone, using the TurboScan app. I send those images directly to my Mac for pre-processing in GraphicConverter, then capture the images for OCR in DEVONthink Pro Office.

Thanks for the reply.

I think I have found the way:

Take photo with camera in DTTG on iPhone
Sync with desktop
Right click on the item (jpg) in the inbox on Desktop
Select “Convert” to searchable PDF from the drop down

A converted PDF doc is created in the Inbox next to the jpg, which can then be deleted.
Note this is a proper PDF of the jpg…not a txt file of the words.

Works an absolute treat :smiley:

And if you set DEVONthink Pro Office Preferences > OCR by checking the option to send the original image file to the Trash after text recognition, the JPEG file will be automatically deleted, so only the searchable PDF will remain in your database.

Thanks for that Bill,

DT and DTTG keep getting better :smiley: