OCR results in corrupted file

DT 3.6.2 macOS 11.3-beta (20E5186d)
Procedure: 1. Drag a PDF (in my case created by ScanSnap) to Inbox. Verify that PDF file has kind = PDF Document. Verify that it can be viewed and scrolled up and down.

  1. Use Contextual Meny, select OCR, to searchable PDF. Verify file kind changes to PDF+Text. Scroll document and the text disappears. Further, only page 1 is visible. Once the text has disappeared, DT needs to select another document, then return to the first one to get the text back. Scrolling again makes the text disappear. Exporting, using Files and Folders, and viewing with macOS Preview results in empty pages. Viewing with PDF Expert, text is shown for page 1 but not for the following pages.

  2. I have reinstalled DT, but not ABBY, obtaining same behaviour.

  3. Syncing the OCR-ed file to DTTG3 and here the file behaves correctly. It can be scrolled, edited and annotated.

  4. Syncing back this file to DT, the appearance is still the same, ie a black page, but the editing done in DEVONthink To Go are in fact shown, ie highlights and underlines!

Sorry for all the text, but I need help

This is an issue of the current betas of macOS Big Sur which don’t seem to be compatible to Abbyy’s output (once again). You might want to send a bug report to Apple via the Feedback Assistant to ensure that the issue gets a high priority.

Well, I rescanned the document with ScanSnap and let it handle the OCR’ing. The resulting file works OK outside DT. Dragging it into DT Inbox and the PDF still behaves as it should. It can be read, edited and annotaded without any side effects.

I should add the ScanSnap version.
ScanSnap Home 2.0.30
ScanSnap Online Update 3.1.21

Abbyy said that by end of march they will have a version fully compatible with “Bug” Sur.

(And I expect same functionality as in Windows, I need to switch on my BTO only to perform some advanced OCR).