OCR -- Same File

I used to be able to OCR a document itself, but now it generates a new document that is inferior in quality resolution. Let us know how to convert the original file to searchable without creating a new one.

DEVONthink Pro Office creates always a new document, the original document is automatically moved to the trash depending on Preferences > OCR.

resolution is inferior to the original, not happy with it, so I am using adobe acrobat.

Acrobat also is creating a new PDF each time OCR is performed, so that’s not the issue. It is true that Apple’s code in OS X, which is used to generated PDFs, is not as efficient in file size as Adobe’s proprietary code. I prefer ABBYY OCR for text recognition accuracy, and use twiddles of Apple’s settings for PDF files that I consider satisfactory for onscreen view or print output.

This is not true. In Acrobat Pro you have the option to have the image layer unchanged (and thus the quality preserved). Granted, with other options the image quality deteriorates as well. As I do not own Abby finereader, I usually stick to Acrobat Pro for OCR.

Acrobat does create a new file. As noted, the issue is the better efficiency of Adobe’s image copy code, compared to Apple’s OS X code for PDF creation/viewing.

Adobe Acrobat Pro/DC DOES NOT create a new PDF. I’ve used it for ages, and have never seen it replicate PDFs.