OCR scanning problems

I highlighted about 18 PDF’s (all under 50 pages) and told DT to convert them. it did all but 5 of them and then stopped. I re-highlighted the remaining ones and asked it to convert, and nothing happened. I restarted DT and did it again, nothing. I cleaned system and user caches and repaired disk permissions. No change. I reinstalled DTpro office. Still nothing.

Any ideas?

If you like, send one or more of those PDFs as attachments to a message to Support, with a reference to your post.

I could do this if it will help, but I can take the files onto my other computer and it OCR’s them fine.

What’s the processor architecture and OS on the other machine?

The one that I am having problems with (I’ve had problems with it before with the same issue) is a G5 powerPC running Tiger. My laptop which is doing the OCR fine is a new Macbook Pro running Leopard.

I have reported a bug to IRIS about a similar situation with them and we’re trying to find a solution with them, however I’d still like to have a sample document if you can provide us with one.