OCR Searchable PDF creates copy

I am still loving Devonthink, but I am having a slight issue.
My Devonthink syncs with my Dropbox account.
I have a Smartgroup setup for PDF files which are not searchable.
When I OCR these files, then Devonthink creates a new file in my Dropbox, so I have duplicates (ones searchable file and one non-searchable file).
However, Devonthink database only shows one file (the searchable one).
It’s a headache to have to trawl through Dropbox to delete all of the duplicate files and to make sure that I am deleting the correct one.
I am sure that there is a better way and would be delighted if someone could share it with me.

Just use the rule action OCR > Apply

Thank you.
I do not see an option for OCR apply in the menu.
I only have Data…OCR…to searchable PDF.
Are you suggesting that I should create a smart rule that will act on my smart group?
Could you please help me to do this?
Thank you.

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