OCR should no alter the creation date


I have to OCR all my scanned PDF files. If I do so the creation date of these PDF files will be changed to the date and time of OCR. But I want to keep the original creation time.

Is there a script to do it?

1.) Save the creation time of the file.
2.) OCR the file.
3.) Replace creation time of the OCR’ed file by the saved time.

Thanks in advance for your support!
Kind regards, Friedrich

Actually the creation date shouldn’t be touched. How do you OCR your documents (e.g. via Data > Convert > to Searchable PDF or by sending scans to DEVONthink) and could you please post a screenshot of Preferences > OCR?

I OCR bay rightclick > convert > to searchabe PDF.

The Preferences of OCR you’ll find attached.

Kind regards, Friedrich

I’ve just checked this using the same settings and the creation date remains the same, only the addition/modification dates are changed. Which version of DEVONthink do you use?

I also checked. I’m running 2.7.3. In that case, the “creation date” remains unchanged. As Christian says, “modification” and “added” are set to the time the OCR was performed.

If you use Acrobat for OCR, you just re-save the old file, so only “modification” should be updated. The internal DT OCR makes a new file, that’s why the “added” gets updated as well.

A little off-topic: OCR’ing via Acrobat preserves all existing annotations in the file, whereas using ABBYY Finereader in DT loses all previous annotations.

Thanks. I did not have tested it since the last update. But now I did it. And it works as you’ve said. Thank you.