OCR stopped working

I’m currently evaluating DEVONthink Pro Office and like what I see so far. However, OCR stalled whilst performing a Convert to Searchable PDF operation and has refused to work since. I’ve restarted DEVONthink, restarted my Mac and reinstalled DEVONthink (over the current installation) but nothing gets it to work again. It doesn’t even appear to attempt to start. Any suggestions?


You can only do a certain number of OCR operations per day during evaluation but you’d normally see a message about it.

Is there anything logged in the Console (in Applications > Utilities)?

That looks like the ‘problem’ because I can scan again today. I was wondering if there was a restriction on the number of OCR actions while the software is in demo mode but couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere. Given that the software is already time limited it seems a strange decision to cripple it in this way as well. Maybe it’s an IRIS stipulation, who knows, but it’s a pain, I know that much!

As for getting a message I got nothing and I tried multiple times. There doesn’t appear to be anything in the Console logs either.

Prior to the introduction of DEVONthink Pro Office all DEVONtechnologies software has been fully functional in demo mode.

Reluctantly, the decision was made to limit the number of OCR and mail archive operations per day during the demo of DT Pro Office. This decision was made on the basis of the experience and advice of other software developers.

The reason is that the OCR and mail archive operations can be used as “one time” objectives during the demo period. Many thousands of pages could be OCR’d during the demo period (which is easily extensible to 60 days). Hundreds of thousands of historical emails could be archived during demo. Those OCR’d documents and mail archives are not bound to a database; they can easily be exported to the Finder. And so it’s possible to obtain a great deal of value from those operations during demo, without reimbursing the developer for the cost of providing those features. Some users would have gotten value from the demo and would have no incentive to purchase the software. That’s harmful not only to DEVONtechnologies but to other software developers, as well.

We wish this were not the case; we don’t like imposing such restrictions and hope it will be possible to remove them one day.

I hit the limit because I was re-OCRing directories of PDF’s at a time to see how it went in terms of speed and to compare file sizes with the originals that had previously been OCRed with Acrobat 8. No ulterior motive because most of my PDF’s are already OCRed. However, I can understand the need to impose the restrictions but it’s still frustrating when you hit them.

Other than that, I’m liking what I see so far. :smiley: