OCR temporarily disabled?

The release notes for beta 2 headline: “New faster and more accurate OCR engine based on ABBYY FineReader. Generated PDF files are much smaller, too. New OCR Activity panel.” But my attempts to use OCR in beta 2 provoke this response: “OCR functionality temporarily disabled in this release.” What’s up?

The new engine doesn’t work yet so there is no PDF OCR now:

devon-technologies.com/scrip … ess/?p=603

Seems hard to believe that the initial public beta wasn’t reissued with an extended expiration date instead of issuing a crippled pb2! :imp:

If you want OCR enabled again, it’s easy: just manually adjust your MacOS clock in such a way to display a date before January 31. If you do so, DevonThink Pro Office beta 1 will run again! Yes, an easy way to turn back time…

Extending the public beta 1 containing the IRIS engine would have been a breach of the cancelled license agreement with IRIS. A catch-22, as explained in my blog article.