OCR text on scanned PDF lost when pages rotated or deleted

When I open a scanned PDF within DEVONthink Pro Office, then rotate or delete a page, the OCR text is lost when I save the PDF. This only seems to happen when the OCR was done using DEVONthink; it does not happen to PDFs where the OCR was done using PDFpenPro. (I believe this only started after I updated to DEVONthink Pro Office 2.9.12.) Is this a bug in 2.9.12?

Not seeing a problem here. What operating system are you using?

macOS 10.12.2

The current version is macOS 10.12.5. You should update your machine.

This was indeed a bug of older Sierra releases, updating is highly recommended.

Not sure if this is directly related or not, but I figured I’d post here just in case it is.

I’m seeing an issue with PDFs rotating back to their original state after OCR-ing. For example: When I scan in a PDF that needs rotating, I’ll rotate it with DT3. Then I run OCR on that PDF, and after the OCR is complete, it rotates it back to whatever it was originally.

Am I doing something incorrectly? Do I need to ‘bake in’ the rotate I initially do, somehow?

Can you check that you have the latest version of the OCR, you can do this from the menu DEVONthink 3->Install Add-ons.

Sorry for the delay on this, here’s what I’m seeing when I access that menu:

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue, can you attach a sample PDF before and after OCR and I will see if we can determine why this is happening.