OCR Then apply smart rules

How can I create a smart rule that will OCR → Apply a file imported then execute all rules for further processing?

That’s a pretty broad statement. Could you clarify?

I’m looking for something like an OCR then Continue action I guess. I want to OCR then go through the smart rules to set some tags and custom metadata based on RegEx scripts that find data inside the document.

It does the OCR → Apply but then does not execute any of the smart rules I have setup to search and organize from the resulting text in the document.

BTW, what order are the smart rules I created executed?


That’s what I do with a smart rule that executes a single script;

  • OCR if necessary
  • run the document’s text through some regular expressions and
  • change name, set tags and move to the correct group depending on the matches

Seems simpler than having several smart rules.

Generally speaking, it’s best to create a smart rule with a chain of actions included in it. Things like runing an AppleScript don’t trigger smart rules as that has the potential for rules running amok.

And rules are run from top to bottom, as they apply.

I have several smart rules because I am trying to organize into groups by business name. So it looks for the businesses names in each smart rule then adds a tag and custom metadata based on which business it finds. I thought that way any document, statement, invoice, etc… could check against all the smart rules and the one that matches the name will add the tag for that business so later I can see all documents by business.

An additional smart rule checks for document type (like a EFTPS receipt for example) and tags the document as a tax document. Then I can also search later for all tax documents regardless of business.




Chaining Rules

Here is a rule using the Apply Rule action…

and the rule it’s calling…

resulting in this…


Thanks, I’ll work with that.