OCR working part time only


I am running Devonthink Pro on a new iMac, just upgraded to OSX 10.7 together with a Fujitsu S1500M.

Today Devonthink wanted to upgrade, which I allowed, and then things went wrong. Devonthink was gone from the Program folder (just a file with few kB still there), so I downloaded it again from the website and installed.
Everything seemed to work fine, but when I started scanning, I noticed that most (all but one) file were put into Devonthink as “PDF” and not “PDF+Text”. I cannot access /Data/Convert, this is greyed out.

I guess something went wrong somewhere, but I am at a loss what to do. AFAIK I did not change my Snapscan profiles or other options.

Quick help would be appreciated,
thanks and cheers,

Did you install DEVONthink Pro or DEVONthink Pro Office? Only DTPO supports OCR.

If you’re running DTPO, then you could (re)install the OCR resources via DEVONthink Pro Office > Install Add-Ons. You might have to delete ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Abbyy first though.

Ooops - you are quite right. I must be getting old. When looking at the download site I only saw the “Demo restricted to…” note below DTPO and immediately clicked on DTP.

There are days when it’s better to stay in bed…

Sorry for the inconvenience :blush: - but thanks for the very quick response, we just returned from our holidays and I am drowning in useless paper.