Odd Behavior When Adding Already Existing Database


I feel like when switching over to Devonthink 3, I’ve noticed that not all of the files in my database transferred over cleanly. Files are outside their former groups, or added to different groups and some of them somehow ended up in the inbox database, which is now separate from the database itself.

It wasn’t too big a deal when I only opened one or two smaller databases, but now that I’ve essentially committed and have opened all of my databases in DT3, it’s much more noticeable.

Is there some way I can fix this? Is it a bug? Is it a user error?

I am currently using the most current version of the DT3 beta.


How did you actually transfer your databases? Usually this shouldn’t be necessary, version 3 can open the same *.dtBase2 databases.

I believe I just opened it on my desktop and made sure to turn on sync for those particular databases since I was originally on the fence about whether I needed them to be available on both my imac as well as my laptop, though there may have been some drag and dropping that may have happened

But yes, once the database was moved to my databases folder with my other DT stuff I was able to open and sync between the two computsrs no problem