Odd behavior when filing stuff

I am just processing my inbox in DTpro: Using the three-pane view I select the items, open the “filing” drawer (don’t know what the english button says, it says “einordnen” in german) and all is fine if there are groups to file to, I can select mutiple groups and it gets sent there. However when I do a manual replicate by apple-alt-dragging (which works as intended) and then select some groups from the drawer it moves the item there, but the manula replicant created before disappears!?

Is this how things are supposed to be? How can I keep that manually created replicant?!



Currently that’s intended, a future release will probably add a “Replicate” button to the “Classify” drawer.

To circumvent the problem, use the drawer first and then replicate the items to additional groups.

Mhhh, this is a bit inconvenient, I guess… since I will need to re-find the stuff later since it is gone from my view when I click “classify”. Oh well… :wink: