Odd behaviour of "See also & classify" in full screen mode

When in full screen mode and 3-pane view I can click the “hat” for the See also & classify drawer : the drawer appears and the rest of DT is shrunk to the left. But If I click the hat again the See also & classify drawer retracts (fine) but the space to the right is not reclaimed by the main window. That sounds too bad. So far the only way I found of getting the space back is to go out of full screen mode and back again.

Reclaiming that space would be nice ! (especially on my 15’ screen)

I run the same setup (3-pane, 15" MBP, DEVONthink in full screen mode) and I have never seen this behavior. What happens if you click the red ‘close’ button in the See Also/Classify pane?

Same thing : the drawer retracts, no resize of the rest. :frowning: