Odd bug between DTTG and OmniFocus

Task = copy Item Link from DTTG and paste it into OmniFocus (iOS) Task all on iOS.

  1. DTTG pop up says Item Link copied to clipboard.
  2. Go to OF3 and there is no paste selection available.
  3. Trouble shooting - I am able to paste it to Drafts and then copy it to OF3.
    This makes me think it is purely an OF bug… but
  4. I am able to paste the clipboard into OF3 from all other apps except DTTG.

I have done this hundreds of times successfully, I even have a shortcut to do this ** that still works!**

I will keep playing with it - and I will let the OF team know as well.

FYI i can copy an item link in DEVONthink 3.3 ToGo to the clipboard then paste into an OmniFocus 3.12.1 new item title but not b to the Note for that item. Note is where it should go. Even the paste label does not show on a press into the Note field.

I no longer use OmniFocus so do not know when this started.

All works fine when pasting into Things.

So i think your hunch that it is an OmniFocus issue is on target.

Something seems to be wrong in OF, as I can’t paste item links as well.

As a workaround, you could use the built-in OmniFocus share option of DTTG (that uses their URL scheme I think) or try and built a shortcut that adds the UUID link to an action.

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Extra information: the URL link from Things also cannot be pasted into OF, so that excludes DT as the problem.

It seems that a (weird) workaround exists by pasting the UUID link into another app, copy the UUID link from that app again and then paste it into OF.

You could make that somewhat easier by creating a shortcut:

  • add the Get Clipboard action
  • add the Text action
  • add a magic variable to the Text action and choose the output of Get Clipboard
  • add the Copy to Clipboard action (which should take the Text output as input)

You might want to place the shortcut on the home screen for convenience, If you then copy the DTTG item link, run the shortcut and open OmniFocus, you can copy the DTTG item link again.

You could also contact the fine folks at Omni Group and let them know what’s happening :stuck_out_tongue::wink:

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I pinged them at the same time.
They are aware and added it to an active bug in the queue to be squashed.

Happy New Year!

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Fantastic and thanks for making contact and sharing the response. It’s much appreciated.

You and yours stay warm and well!


Omni squashed the bug in the latest update.
DTTG keeps on chugging right along.


Thank you for letting us know! :slight_smile: Have a great weekend.