Odd DTPO startup behavior

I use You Control: Desktops on my MacBook, which I find preferable to Spaces. But a strange thing happens: whenever I switch to a new workspace, DTPO automatically starts and runs. It’s very annoying – and DTPO is the only program of mine that does it. Any idea why this happens, and how I can make it stop?

Hate to say this, but you may have to ask the developer of You Control: Desktops.

I’m not familiar with this one, but I note in their FAQs that there are procedures to assign an application to a particular Desktop, or to all Desktops. Sounds like your assignments trigger DTPO for all Desktops.

Thanks, I’ve put in a query. But I can’t find anything in its Preferences pane that would cause it to happen; it’s true that one can assign an app to a particular window, but those preferences aren’t engaged for DTPO (or any of my other apps). And yet DTPO, and only DTPO, launches itself automatically on every workspace I turn to. Really weird, and aggravating. Doesn’t happen in Spaces, though. Too bad I hate Spaces.