Odd preview bug in DTTG 2.1.1 - iPhone only?

Hi, I have a PDF that I made changes to and sync’d across my devices. When I look at it on my iPad, I see the alterations. However, on my iPhone, something odd happens: When I look at the PDF in the view that shows the entire page, it shows the old version, but as soon as I start to zoom in, it changes to the new version. So strange!

Attached are the two views: notice the word Eggplant changes to Taupe (which is the newer) version as I zoom in.



I have not seen this but will file an issue.

Could you maybe email us such a PDF?

Sure. Let me know how you’d like for me to deliver it to you.

Please send it to ios_dev(at)devontechnologies.com with a reference to this thread. Thank you!

I tried to email to that address (using the @ of course) and the email bounced. Please advise.


Then simply use info(at)devontechnologies.com. We’ll sort it out :slight_smile: