Off-topic question

It has been prohibited in official communication somewhen in the 70s. Using it today would probably be considered offensive by most women. The only usage I know of is when someone is telling off a young girl like “Fräulein, mach’ das nicht!” (Young lady, don’t you dare…)

Of course it’s not. The best way is to be a baby and be talked to every day in German. But given that that’s probably out of the question for you – Babble has a free trial period. In my experience, it was a lot more then only flashcards, I seem to remember a fair amount of listening and speaking exercises.

Tages_sc_hau. View of the day, kind of. Your spelling is more like “hit the day”. I found watching Netflix flicks helpful for eg brushing up my Spanish. You can adjust the speed, and the language is what real people are speaking.

Tagesschau is far removed from colloquial German. But if you want to get into German politics (we’re looking for a successor of Frau Merkel!), Tagesschau is fine.


LOL … Sie haben einen großartigen Sinn für Humor. (Maybe “toll” used more?)

I’m learning so much from your great replies, thank you!

Tagesschau is the only German programming I’ve been able to find thus far on my Roku. Not really what I was looking for as I’m sure you can imagine. Your comments on that are also useful and interesting.

Thanks again!

Try the DeepL app or website. It’s years ahead of Google’s and Apple’s translations, at least for English/German (I haven’t tested others). It will recognize idioms, like the one you mentioned.


Yep, I bookmarked it. It’s great (“toll”).

BTW, this site below (Germanpod101) looks pretty good. The URL referenced below has a comparison with a couple other sites:

Learn German

I’m hopeful that this 101 site plus slogging through my old German text book (which is actually good for grammar refresher) will get me to fluency in a year or so. That’s my current plan, anyway. Will need to find some German folks to practice with, eventually also. The premium plus plan at pod101 includes 1-1 with a German teacher so that sounds promising.


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