Office Pro / Scanner / Documents / Central Server.

If i use Office Pro can I put a copy of it on a central machine that is used to store scanned and OCR’ed documents and then access those documents from another machine on the same local network using either a another licensed copy of DevonThink or a web browser?


DEVONthink databases are single-user, and an attempt to open a database that’s already open on another computer will result in a warning that the database is in use. Clicking on the ‘Ignore’ button in that case would likely result in database damage.

Depending on network idiosyncrasies, accessing a database from a remote server might result in poor performance and errors.

Probably the best solution in your case would be the Server’s Web-sharing mode, available in DT Pro Office 2.0. Multiple remote users can browse or search multiple databases via the Server mode, with the ability to view or download database contents, to send notes to the Inbox of the DTPO2 database, and to upload files to the Inbox of the DTPO2 database. However, remote users cannot edit contents or the organizational structure of the database. We’ve seen reports of successful use of Web-sharing in office and academic environments.