Offline RSS

Hey all,

I was thinking about this a little, and I was curious if anyone knew how to utilize DevonThink to cache RSS feeds, locally, so they could be synchronized with the ipad and/or read offline.

The internet I have is a little spotty, and may get even worse in the near future. Being able to cache some of the more important feeds would be very nice. Fortunately, I can probably code a solution that can dump an RSS feed to text files, then have DevonThink reference that folder - but…I’m hoping there’s a better solution.

Any ideas? Didn’t find anything through google searches or forum searcher.


DEVONthink Pro (Office) can actually handle RSS feeds, see Data > New > Feed… or Preferences > RSS, and synchronize them with DEVONthink To Go.

News are either stored as HTML pages (viewable while offline) or as bookmarks (in case that the item has no content).

However, you could of course convert news to web archives or PDF documents using scripts, see Scripts > More Scripts…., for real offline viewing.