Offline Syncing

Is there a way to fully download a database? Opening files (PDFs) is painfully slow, not only do you have to tap on the file or in the options > download but downloading the file itself takes a long time even if it’s only 2MB.

I will be using my iPad to look at documents on the go and if DTTG is using my data every time I download a file I’m going to be in trouble.

I feel like the file should download as soon as you select it from the group.

If you have not purchased the Pro Pack, the default is to download contents and metadata. If you have purchased the Pro Pack, you can set a Sync location to Download Files: Always. Or you can set this per database or group in the Info popup in the bottom toolbar of DTTG2.

Please read the built-in Help as this is covered in Syncing Your Databases > Sycncing everything or just the metadata.