Offtopic: Talks@36C3 (Chaos Communication Congress)

Offtopic, but today starts the annual “Chaos Communication Congress”.

They stream talks to a wide range of topics (e.g. data privacy), so maybe someone is interested in some of them.

Here’s the Schedule.

Here’s the Live-Streams – 36C3 Streaming.

There’s an Apple TV app “Congress - 36C3” too.

I’m no hacker but it’s really interesting :slight_smile:

I’m no hacker either, but there is a lot of good and interesting information in the hacking community, especially in things like the DEF CON conferences (though the language is often NSFW :slight_smile: ).

I’ll take a look at DEF CON! Wikipedia says there were 6000 visitors in 2007 and 25000 in 2017 - Chaos Communication Congress seems to grow in the last years too. Maybe there’s still hope that hackers take over before robots do :wink:

Wasn’t aware of the time difference in my first post, all streamed 36C3 Talks can be found here: (after some hours).

In general is a great resource, so much stuff there.