Often crash when copying files

After the Update i have several chrashes each day, mostly when i switch datas from one folder to another.
Most of the time it happended, when i rename jpg.
Yesterday i want to switch 15 jpgs, aboz 100 kB each, in a subfolder and Devon Pro crashed. After restart the wihole folder with about 300 pics was gone. absolutly gone. I restart again and also optimized, but the result was still the same.
But i found the pics in the database package, so the pics weren´t gone. in the evening i had again 5 to 10 crahs, all the time when renaming or switching pics.

What can that be ?

The quickest course of action is to send an email to support@devon-technologies.com with one of the crash reports attached. You can find these in your home folder > Library > Logs > CrashReporter. Then we can find out what’s wrong with your setup because this isn’t normal behaviour.

Tanks for that info, i will sent a mail soon.
And i really believe that this is not quite normal.

That behavior is most certainly not normal. There’s something in the environment on your computer that is causing errors.

If you are using the Columns view when moving or renaming documents, switch instead to the Vertical Split or Three Panes view. That may help.