Ok, is is just my scanners?

I am testing DTPO for the first time and I have two scanners:

Brother MFC7420
Neat Compact Scanner

and neither one will work right with either Image Capture or ExactScan. I won’t bother with the litany of problems because I assume I am going to be told that the problem is my crummy scanners?

I am not sure about this because each one works fine with Image Capture under Snow Leopard but be that as it may, I was able to use the Brother scanner to send a .tiff file to DTPO where I recognized it with Covert to Searchable PDF.

Is this my only option other than to fork over the dough for a ScanSnap???

See my post from yesterday: Mine, mine, all mine.

So, as I understand it, DTPO won’t work with my Brother drivers even though Image Capture does?

If so, I am not sure what advantage the DTPO offers for scanning OCR. I can either pay $100 for the DTPO upgrade or the same money for the new ReadIris software. Grated, ReadIris is truly a crappy product but it does work most of the time and it gives me many more options over the OCR process (such as interactive processing, etc) than the OCR module in DTPO. Seeing as their are multiple steps with either choice, am I missing something here (I realize I also get the email archive feature with DTPO which is not so important for me).