OK to change database name?

I’m considering changing the name of a database on my mac. In the past (older versions of databases in general, etc…) this was a big no-no. Given where Devonthink and DevonThink to Go are now, can i expect the following*?

  1. change the name and DevonThink continues to work smoothly on the Mac
  2. syncing between DevonThink on the Mac and DevonThink to Go on iOS devices will be smooth, with even the name of the database updated automatically?

*asked in the general so as to be guided with a “asking questions to learn” consideration

Changing the name (e.g. via File > Database Properties…) doesn’t cause any issue, the new name should be synchronized to the other devices afterwards.

What about changing the file name? Also in regards to encrypted databases?

Sure, the sync always used internal identifiers to identify databases, the name doesn’t matter at all (especially the filename).