Old database missing after upgrade

Just purchased DT Pro 2, installed it and expected that my data from the previous version would automatically available. Did not happen. After finding the old DB on my disk I could not find a way to import it.

The documentation says you have to rename it. And I expected this to be modern software… I’m annoyed. This is not straightforward. I already regret this purchase.

In my old DT Personal 1.9x I have several folders with about 12 databases each.

There are important differences in the structures of version 1.x and 2.x DEVONthink databases.

You can convert your DT Personal 1.x database (there is only one) into a DT Pro 1.x database by renaming it by adding the suffix, “.dtBase” to the filename.

How to:

  1. Make certain that DT Personal 1.x is not running. In the finder, locate your DT Personal 1.x database, which is the folder named “DEVONthink” at ~/Library/Application Support/.

  2. Copy (Option-drag) the database folder to your Documents folder. Now select the copy of the DEVONthink folder and Control-click on it; choose the contextual menu option, ‘Get Info’.

  3. Rename the folder named DEVONthink as you wish, and add the suffix “.dtBase” (without quotes). For the sake of illustration I’ll call the new name “Harry.dtBase”. Close the Info panel. The former folder is now a DT Pro 1.x database package file and displays a blue shell logo.

  4. Launch DT Pro 2.0. Choose File > Open Database. Navigate to the Documents folder and select the database named “Harry.dtBase”. Click ‘Open’. You will be offered the opportunity to convert the older database to a new database. Accept.

  5. The result is a DT Pro 2.x database named “Harry.dtBase2” in your Documents folder. It is now open in DT Pro 2.0. It contains the contents of your DT Personal 1.x database and is ready for work.

Run Tools > Verify & Repair. If there are no errors that cannot be corrected by a second run of Verify & Repair, run Tools > Backup & Optimize.

It would be prudent to use the convenient DT Pro routine to create a complete, compressed backup archive of the new database (which can be stored on an external medium as insurance against a hard drive crash). Choose File > Export > Database Archive. If you have a MobileMe or JungleDisk account, DT Pro’s Scripts menu contains options to store a database archive online (Scripts > Export > ).

Note: As cleanup whenever you wish, remove the DT Personal 1.x application from Applications, the original database folder from ~/Library/Application Support/ and the intermediate DT Pro 1.x database from Documents.

Thanks, Bill. That helped. I think it would be a helpful feature if this would be offered as an upgrade option during installation.