Old version of DEVONthink personal 2.3.2 manual - HELP please

Can someone point me to a still available PDF version of the DEVONthink Personal manual?

Wayback machine does not hold a copy because apparently this was hosted on s3.amazonaws.com/DTWebsiteSupport/download/devonthink/2.3.2/

Thanks for helping out!

The integrated help is actually identical to the manual, only the file format is different. But I would highly discourage usage of this ancient version. Version 2.11.3 is compatible to Yosemite.

Ok, Christian, thanks for replying.
Do you have by any chance links to:

  • manual of DEVONthink personal 2.3.2

Thanks for helping out!

P.S. I was wondering how it will function, as if I understand correctly DEVONthink personal only supports a single DB? Or is it one single DB + a global INBOX?

Why are you looking for 2.3.2? That is VERY old and unsupported.

And DEVONthink Personal only supports one database, its Global Inbox.

I have deleted my post because it was a rant of all the trouble I have recently had with Catalina and with Devonthink.
I definetely want to remain positive, thanks for understanding.

Let’s just say that we need to remain on Yosemite.

No worries! Catalina has been frustrating for many people, including develoeprs.

You can download 2.11.3 from here: DEVONthink 2.x Downloads

Jim, thanks, I already found the download. Been fuzzing around way too long lately that I even didn’t remember where to get it.

The manual in PDF would still be helpfull (2.11.3)

For me it will be Linux and it’s freedom and DT running on a virtual machines :wink: