Older Scansnap suddenly fails DT 1.3.2 involved?

I have an “old” 5110 scansnap set up and have off and on played with working with it in DevonThinkPro 1.3.1. Mostly, I do not use the two together… I scan to make hardcopy and I use DT on other projects. Recently my ability to scan went completely away… I don’t use it often so it may have been a while. I get the red circle with slash across the scanner icon. I have checked cables downloaded new drivers and thrown away preference files. Nothing helps. EXCEPT the scanner works perfectly with my PC. I don’t use it this way but hooked it up to test. The scanner is fine. I have posted on Apple and Fujitsu with no response.
So why am I posting here… somewhere in about the same time frame as the scanner quit working, I accepted the invitation to upgrade DTPro 1.3.2… I installed and was ready to go forward but decided not to go with it. I removed it, reinstalled the 1.3.1. Is there a chance something got corrupted? I am interested in going to Office Pro, but need to get things working with the scanner before taking the dive. The mac that the scanner no longer works with is a G4 running Tiger 10.4.10