OmniFocus attachments from DEVONthink

When dragging files from DEVONthink to OmniFocus I noticed a strange behavior. When I drag a txt-file on a task to create an attachment it shows the alias-arrow but when dropped it includes the content of the file in the note area of the task (still without a link to the original DEVONthink note). I could understand this if I would hold down the option key to embed the attachment into the OmniFocus-document itself. (green plus sign when dragging)
When dragging txt-files from the Finder everything works as expected. While showing the alias-arrow it only creates an alias. But when holding down the option key it embeds the file itself.

I think the issue was brought up before and I also know the edit --> copy item link command from the menubar. I just wondered where this problem might originate and I also hope that a fix makes it into the final 2.0 release. :neutral_face:

DEVONthink is providing as many kinds of data as possible to the “drag & drop pasteboard”. It’s up to the receiver (OmniFocus) how to use them.