omnifocus reminder not working


after upgrading to DTP Office I keep getting this message:

“OmniFocus is not available. You may need to update to OmniFocus Pro to use this script.”

I do have OF but not OFP.



The challenge for this point lies at the OF side.

The non-pro version of OmniFocus can not be accessed using applescript, as this requires the pro upgrade.

Hence if you would like to use scripts for connecting DEVONthink and OmniFocus (e.g. … s/26100/27 is very nice), you will need to acquire an upgrade for OmniFocus.

Before running for an upgrade: wait a few days, as the release of OmniFocus 3 is looming in 2018. So wait the blog of OmniGroup plan for the upcoming year 2018 by Ken Case.
As currently the implication on buying the upgrade “from OF2 to OF2pro” on the upgrade to OmniFocus 3 are not yet clear.

Omni already announced on October 18, 2017 that anyone purchasing OmniFocus 2 after that date would get the platform upgrade to version 3 for free.

Omni Roadmap 2017 — Q4 Update

Which is indeed clear if you do not yet have an OmniFocus license, however, not for the implication on just buying an upgrade to ‘pro’