OmniOutliner - Big Sur problem?

I’ve just migrated from a Mac running DT3 on Mojave, to a new M1 Mac running Big Sur. Mostly trouble-free, except that the OmniOutliner files in my DT database are all appearing either as OO icons, or as unreadably small thumbnails in the document window.

I’ve been through the prefs several times, tried restarts, reinstalling DT, but can’t see what I’m missing. Of course this may be an OmniOutliner problem rather than a DT one, but OO on its own appears to be fine.

Any ideas please?

Tim H

What does the Finder’s Quick Look panel show?

Aha - same as DT: thumbnails or icons.

Then it’s an issue of Big Sur or OmniOutliner’s Quick Look plug-in.

Yes - I just tried rebuilding the LaunchServices db - no change. Oh well - off to the Omni forum I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.