OmniOutliner files don't work in DT like they used to

It used to be that DTPO’s Quick Look plug-in allowed an OmniOutliner file to be viewed in DTPO exactly as it looks (and functions) in OO. The disclosure triangles worked perfectly, allowing the user to expand or collapse the outline at any level or position.

But now, OO4 files show up in DTPO with little question marks in lieu of the disclosure triangles, and one cannot expand or collapse the outline.

OO5 files (in Beta) don’t even show up at all.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there an updated Quick Look plug-in that Obviously don’t have?

I’m using DTPO 2.9.8

You might have noticed in OmniGroup’s release notes for the OmniOutliner 5 Beta:

Which is why you are having the problems you are having. OO5 breaks Quick Look for all versions of OmniOutliner you have installed. Which is also why the developer says:

None of this is a DEVONthink issue.

The fix is to delete every last vestige of OmniOutliner 5. Empty the Trash. Reboot. Reinstall your prior version of OmniOutliner.

I’m having this problem with OmniOutliner 4. (I mentioned OO5 as an aside.) OO4 files show up in DTPO with question marks instead of disclosure triangles. But this is happening in Finder, as well, so it’s a MacOS issue for OO4.

Yes, because you installed OO5 at some point. OO5 destroys Quick Look for OO4. It’s not an OO4 issue necessarily, just get rid of OO5 and reinstall OO4.

Hi Korm,

Right you are. I installed OO5, reinstalled OO4, and now Quick Look works fine in OO4. Which is a pity, as I wanted to keep testing OO5, but I guess I can’t have both. OO4 works beautifully again inside DTPO, so thanks for the advice.


QuickLook support works with the current preview builds of OmniOutliner 5. However, DEVONthink still displays outlines saved in the new .ooutline format as garbled text and reports them as being of kind “XML”.

Does it work after reimporting the files?

No. See preview in Finder and preview in DTPO 2.9.10:

You can actually spacebar on the document in DEVONthink and it will preview correctly-just doesn’t display properly in the DEVONthink view.
Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 8.18.10 AM.png

The next release should fix this.