Omnioutliner files - import into DTPO

I have created a file in OmniOutliner Professional and saved the file in OPML format. When importing this file into DTPO, it displays the contents as folders and not as a file. When saving the file in the native OmniOutliner file format (oo3) the file is displayed correctly. Is this the standard behavior of DTPO regarding files created in OmniOutliner? I thought DTPO was able to handle OPML file formats.

Bump. I’m curious about this too. I want my OPML files to just be files and not folder structures.

See example (screenshot):

Any ideas?

DEVONthink is able to handle OPML files, and exploding OPML files into groups is the standard way that DEVONthink handles them. As long as the OPML is “standard”, regardless of what application created the OPML, DEVONthink will explode it into groups.

Thanks for the response. Is there a way to prevent the ‘exploding’? For my purposes, I want it to be a single file.

You can see how I’m using an OPML file to be an outline/mindmap file here: … -opml.html

Seems an additional problem is when I import an OPML file, then I export it, it’s exported as a folder hierarchy.

I’ve lost a few OPML documents like this. Luckily I’ve had backups.

Any ideas on preventing this ‘exploding’ on OPML files?

If you index your OPML files rather than import them, then DEVONthink treats them as XML (plain text) and does not explode them. They can then be Open With… anything that can recognize OPML files. A bonus of indexing is that the file can be edited easily (if you don’t mind editing XML directly).