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I’ve recently started using Omnioutliner to take notes on, and create summaries of, articles and books, which I then save in my existing database of (RTF) notes in DT.

When I’m working on a draft, I’d like to be able to have multiple Omnioutliner files open in DT at a time. However, when I try to switch back and forth between individual OO files, the (Quicklook?) preview function in DT reopens the document from scratch and collapses any toggles that I may have had open beforehand, such that I always have to scroll back down to the specific place in the document where I left. Is there any way to remedy this?

The other issue is the search function. DT can search OO files for (exact) words and phrases, though it only displays that they appear somewhere in the document – it does not show where exactly they appear. This is helped somewhat by switching to ‘text only’ view which gets rid of the OO formatting, but for some reason, DT randomly scrambles the order of the text, and that really gives me a headache.

Best not to “open in DT”. Open and work on your OmniOutliner files with OmniOutliner.

I’d suggest in DEVONthink selecting all relevant/wanted OmniOutliner files, then pick “Open with …” and pick OmniOutliner to open in OmniOutline. Work on your outlines in OmniOutline, not DEVONthink. When in OmniOutliner you save, even if remaining open, it will save back into DEVONthink and you’ll see in DEVONthink’s view of that (if shown) the changed file.


I also use the combination of OO and DT on a daily basis, and have a couple dozen OO documents open at all times. (I mentioned in another thread that I don’t use it for outlining but rather as a way of writing structured documents.) The way I open them is always using the Open with … command as @rmschne mentioned. This has the convenient keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘o:

As you’ve discovered, DEVONthink does not really “integrate” with OO or OO documents. The previews of OO documents in DEVONthink are only useful to get a quick view of the content of an OO file in a group/folder. (Nonetheless, that’s an important and useful feature if one is working with OO documents.)

Search suffers from the problem you describe (i.e., DEVONthink only tells you that there’s a hit in a document, not where it is). I guess I’ve gotten used to it and don’t find it a huge impediment for the way I use OO and DT, but it would be nice if were better.

Organizationally, what I find helps me the most is to name the files with long and meaningful names. When looking at a list of documents in a Dt group, it makes it easier to figure out what any given document is about.

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Search suffers from the problem you describe (i.e., DEVONthink only tells you that there’s a hit in a document, not where it is).

QuickLook doesn’t support displaying search hits, just like trying to grab an ice cream cone on the TV screen leaves you similarly hungry :wink:

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Thanks for the replies everyone!