On Flagging trigger

I have two smart rules that is based on On Flagging trigger. It is a simple rule that when the item (Video actually) is Flagged, it is moved from external hdd database into internal sdd database (which is also sync to Dropbox sync store). When it is UnFlagged, it is moved from internal sdd database back to external hdd database.

It works perfectly in DT when I Flagged or UnFlagged the item. However, it does not work when I UnFlagged in DTTG.

I would expect the UnFlagged item in DTTG when sync back to the Dropbox sync store then to my MacBook Air will trigger the smart rule to move the item back to external hdd database. The item status shows UnFlagged in MacBook Air internal database. But the smart rule is not triggered to move it to external hdd, which is always attached to the MacBook Air.

Does the smart rule trigger works on synced data changes?

DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go are two separate applications in their own environments, so unflagging in DEVONthink To Go has no effect on DEVONthink’s smart rules.

However the Flag state syncs so I would suggest you try an After Synchronization in your smart rule.

Thanks for your quick reply. I am using On Flagging to detect a change in the Flag state. If I don’t use it, how can I check that the Flag state has changed in smart rule before I use After Synchronisation to trigger the series of actions?

What’s your smart rule look like?