One Additional Little Request

Can we get some kind of password/encryption made available to be placed upon user selected files and/or documents to keep unauthorized persons locked out?

I really miss a feature like that, too. As a matter of fact, that is one of the reasons I still use MacJournal on a regular basis – the other one is MacJournal’s Full Scren-Mode which can also be found in Ulysses. It would be great if something like that could be implemented in one of the next versions of DT.


Full Screen support is already in DT Pro (beta). Someone who’s used it more than I have would be more qualified to comment on it.

Locking/Encryption of groups/contents will come but definitely not before v2.0.

I can see why features like multiple databases &c. are “pro”-features, but a full screen mode (that is even available in freeware notepad programs) should find its way to the standard version of DT IMHO. And I’m glad that the encryption feature is on its way, even if it may take a while.


Almost every feature of every application is available in a freeware application and different users request different features. But there has to be a line somewhere.