One click method to print web page to PDF?

Is there a more streamlined way to get a webpage into a PDF format in DTP?

I know I can select print/PDF/print to DTP, but it’s cumbersome. Like the bookmarklet to save as a web archive, it would be great to be able with one click to send it to DTP as a PDF.

Is this possible?

Just subscribing to this one, it would be great to add a bookmarklet for it.


It is a bit difficult to predict every program from which you’d like to pull a url, but the script in the following link does try to handle the most likely programs. You can use a program like fastscripts to tie it to a single keystroke…


erico…thank you for chiming in here.

I took the referenced script and put it into Script Editor, compiled and saved it and then took it for a spin and I’m seeing a couple issues.

First, if I invoke it from OmniWeb, nothing happens. I don’t get a new document in DTPO.

Second, if I invoke it from Skim, I get a new PDF in DTPO, but the only way I can find that it’s in there is to search for it. And once found, I can’t tell where the heck it is. This is something I’ve seen with other documents in DTPO, where they’ll be in the database but I can’t discern WHERE in the database they are. It’s not in the inbox, it doesn’t appear to be in any folder, and if I click on the ‘today’ smart group, it doesn’t appear.

The bigger issue for me is trying to get it to work with OmniWeb, but I’d also love to gain some insight into the second issue, both with respect to this functionality and in general. I’m not sure how a document can be in the DTPO database but not showing up as being anywhere.

I just updated the script to the version I’m using, and it could be that I had fixed a bug or two since posting it.

But for me right now, with dtpro 2 public beta, omniweb 5.8, skim 1.2 and Fastscript invocation, it works, puts everything in the Inbox if I have nothing selected and puts it in the current group if I do. Could you check to see if you are using different versions?

You can pretty easily change the destination in the script to whatever you would prefer. I like it to go to the current group, but some would prefer the inbox, others the ai logic, others a custom destination for pdfs. My scripts deviate from the devonthink norm a bit here. You might also check what you have under the “import” preferences in Devonthink—what is your “New Notes” setting set to?

I’m not sure why things are not working with omniweb. You might test it with omniweb by running it from the script editor. To do this you would need to change the line that says property app_to_use_if_in_script_editor : “Skim” and replace “Skim” with “Omniweb”. Then click on event log in script editor and run the script. The output would help me guess what is going on.


thanks erico. I am running the latest version of those apps.

I appreciate the follow up advice. Have archived it and might get back to it later. Just too busy with other stuff now to troubleshoot it.

Thanks again.

It’s not “one-click” there is a “two press” method.

you can assign a keyshortcut to the pdf print options in the print dialogs:

cmd-p to bring up the print dialog
cmd-d (while the print sheet is out) saves a pdf to devonthink

you can set this up with the included print services and in the keyboard-mouse preference pane.

The only drawback is the lag before the print sheet displays.

jfisher…could you elaborate on what you mean by ‘included print services’?

I use Menu Master and tried assigning a shortcut to “Print PDF in DEVONthink Pro” so I could do what you suggest, use the already defined cmd-P to invoke the print dialogue then another shortcut to print to pdf to DTP. But the problem seems to be that it doesn’t know I’m trying to invoke a command within the “PDF” option on the print dialogue so it just gives me an error sound and does nothing.

If I manually click on pdf and then escape out of it, and then select the shortcut, it works. The question is how to get the shortcut to point to the PDF menu specifically.


I’m not sure about MenuMaster, but I use the system Pref Pane “Keyboard and Mouse” and the last tab “Keyboard Shortcuts.” At the very bottom you can make your own for “All Applications” and they’ll find the menu inside the print dialog’s pdf pop-up. You just have to give it the exact name of the menu item in the print-pdf menu. When I do that (e.g. put a new shortcut for “Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt” which is the script in my ~/Library/PDFservices), then I get the shortcut to show up in that sub menu. The good news is that my cmd-s “Save as PDF…” shortcut works every time no problem, the bad news is that my cmd-d “Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt” only seems to work about half the time. The others I get an angry beep. I haven’t had the time to track down what the problem is, but I suspect it might be a conflict with a more global hotkey. Also I made an automator workflow that looks like the “Save PDF to iPhoto” but sends it DTPro. (Unfortunately that also sticks sometimes; but works if I choose it from the menu by hand.) There was a hint in Macworld mag (and on the site) about assigning shortcuts to pdf services. There might be more info there.