One database not syncing between iMac and MacBook Air, other one ok

In DT2 my two databases synced fine between iMac and MBA. Upgraded to DT3 last month, one of the databases syncs OK but other one does not: no sync at all. Using SyncStore in Dropbox. Welcome any suggestions. Thanks, Tim

Are any issues logged to Windows > Log? Are you able to verify the sync store successfully (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync)?

After reviewing other Support links I saw the recommendation to establish a new Sync Store after the upgrade. I had not previously done this. So I set up a new Sync Store, synced, looks like everything working correctly now. Thanks, Tim

Glad to hear it!

According to File > Database Properties, how large is the database that caused an issue?

database size = 3.9 GB

Thanks. (Just gathering info.)