One Database, Two Macs


I am an academic, with a work computer and a home computer and a number of DTPO databases that I’d like to be able to access from both. Is it possible for me to keep copies of my databases in the cloud (DropBox in particular) so that I can access the same database from either computer? I can’t quite find a straight answer-- and an updated answer-- to this question in the forum? The idea would be for me to be able to work on databases during the day from my office computer and have them available at night from my home computer.

Thank you!!

The upcoming Sync plugin will be what you need. Whatever you do, please do not put the database in your DropBox folder and sync it that way.

Thank you. What about saving to DB, but not using the macs simultaneously, so that the sync isn t "live?

There could still be problems. Not recommended.

Ok: last one. What about backing up the database on DB and using it always on the same computer, one mac only?

Thanks again!!!

Please do not think of Dropbox as a backup utility. There have been some indications of problems with storage of large package files in Dropbox.

An external drive is a much better bet for backups. They are inexpensive, and probably much faster than your Internet connection in practice.

I have to agree with Bill here. DropBox is truly a sync service, even if it can function as a backup of sorts. But backups are more efficiently done with external drives / media. TimeMachine makes it so easy too. Just plug in a drive TimeMachine sees as a backup drive and let it do its thing. Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper are also pretty highly touted.

Dropbox doesn’t provide true sync services. It is basically a file storage and copy service, and that works very well for making application files such as Word documents or PDFs available to computers or mobile devices via the cloud. But don’t expect it to handle properly a case such as synch of two copies of a file, each of which has been modified differently. It uses very simple copy rules. And please don’t try to run a DEVONthink database within Dropbox, as the simple copy rules don’t work we’ll for a dynamic database package.

When will the syncing function be available? This is so necessary.

A download link to public beta 3 of the Sync plugin was posted on the Blog on 19 December, 2012. See the Blog at

If you wish to test it, please read the instructions carefully, and observe the warnings about using it with your working databases.

Yes, I did try it, but I’ve gone back to manually updating the databases between desktop and laptop because I had trouble with the beta. I’m not sophisticated enough to give much more feedback than that. Just suddenly it stopped working and I didn’t want to bother trying to figure it out so I thought I’d just wait for the official sync to come out. Wondering if there’s any timeline.