One synced database, four different document counts

I have a database that’s about 4.5G in size, using Dropbox sync between an iMac, a MacBook Pro, an iPad, and an iPhone. The Macs are running DT Pro 3.6.3, and the iOS devices are running DT 3.0.6 (17061). Sync is running well with no obvious issues. This is the only database that I use on the iOS devices.

My question is about document counts for the database. The database’s properties on the iMac says that the database has 12,619 items, of which 528 are replicants. The MacBook Pro says 12,620 items, of which 527 are replicants. The iPad says 12,490 items on the Databases list, but if you press the ? in a circle icon at bottom of the screen, that says 12,622 items. On the iPhone, the two equivalent numbers are 12,491 and 12,622 respectively.

I don’t know if there’s any way to determine how many items are in the sync store in my Dropbox.

I’m not quite sure how I should attempt to reconcile the different document counts. Should I attempt to repair the database on one platform? On all of the platforms? Any way to find out what the discrepancies are?


Screenshots of File > Database Properties… of this database from both Macs would be useful, thanks!

Here you go, the first screenshot is from the iMac, and the second is from the MacBook Pro.



MacBook Pro:

Only the number of PDF documents isn’t identical. Is a verification of the database on both Macs (see File > Verify & Repair Database…) successful?

Yes, in both cases the log says “Successfully verified”, but that didn’t change the document counts, it’s still off by one.

And a verification of the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync) is successful too?

I did it on the iMac. The “Verify Location Quickly” and “Clean Location” menu items are now greyed out, it started doing a sync download in the lower left corner, and seems to be stuck at 7 of 8 items being downloaded from the sync store. Should I cancel the sync (click on the X)?

The verification might require some time, the result will be logged to Windows > Log.

Thanks, I’ll keep waiting (but for how long?). I have the log window open and it is currently completely empty.

Due to the size of the database and Dropbox’ slow servers and depending on your network speed this could easily last for quite a while, probably up to an hour.

OK, thanks. Network speed’s not an issue (I’m on symmetric fiber), but I’ll let it run for a couple of hours if necessary. I’ll let you know if it’s still running then.

I just noticed in the log that it finished about half an hour ago (I was away from the computer). The log says “Location successfully verified”. However, the database properties haven’t changed, still 12,619 items on the iMac and 12,620 on the laptop.

So far the verifications checked only the data (of the local database and the remote sync store) but didn’t change anything. Do you remember whether any issues were logged on a computer/device? Otherwise I would suggest to open a support ticket.

No, no issues at all.

Before opening a support ticket, just a question - would either of these work:

  1. Copy the version of the database with the larger document count (the laptop version) to the iMac and use that instead?


  1. Delete the iMac version (the one with the smaller count) and recreate it from the sync store?


Both options should work but I would suggest the first one as it’s much faster.

Thanks, I’ll do that! I’ll let you know if I have any issues.

#1 worked great. Just to be safe, I unchecked the database from syncing in preferences and quit DT. I copied over the version from the laptop, then reopened DT and reenabled syncing. I then added a couple of new documents on the iMac and they synced over to the laptop, and both databases are in complete agreement on the number of documents. Thanks for your help.

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It’s often a beautiful thing when a manual process like this works so nicely :slight_smile: