One thing to convince me to buy ...

… Palm sync!
I know, “we’re in talks with a Palm developer” but I want it now (don’t we all?)!
Let me explain. I am trying to declutter EVERYTHING! I am going to try and implement GTD as much as possible and need a repository for all things clipped - internet and otherwise. I currently use slush folders on my Safari menu bar and dump stuff across into Stickybrain. Omnioutliner and Shadow for the Palm are also running well. I also have URLManager, but don’t use it much.
So… why not stick with those? I have just got DevonNotes and already finding it easier to come to terms with than SB … despite the limited “services” … I like SB’s ability to save to named folders (so that should be “Two more things to convince me to buy …” !)
SB, or “SOSO Notes” is getting slower by the day. All I really need from it is the Palm Sync (via the Missing Sync) then I will dump it.

So. Can I have Palm sync soon? Oh, and selectable folders via the right click. And a new MacBookPro?

If it’s all going to be in the next release any rough timescale? Or upgrade ideas?


As you already said, it’s in the works. Palm sync is planned for DEVONthink release 2, scheduled ROUGHLY in Winter or early 2007. We have some very exciting internal projects at the moment that will form the basement for the development of DEVONthink 2 (and future releases of DEVONnote as well.) So, no real schedule, just a “stay tuned.”


So. Do I hang fire, waiting with my discount code (teacher!) until the new version?
Or do I download the trial and use it very sparingly to stay within the allocated trial time?
Or do I just go for it and hope for a good deal on the uppgrade (I assume it will be a paid upgrade?)


Well, that depends on you. We will definitely have a good upgrade deal, like we always have. And yes, it will be a paid upgrade :slight_smile:


I’ve had aplay with DevonAgent too. It seems like a powerful piece of kit. Sign me up!

I remember reading that the upgrade to DTPro 2 is a free upgrade for Pro users, and a paid upgrade for Personal users. Is that correct?

DT Pro 2.0 will be a more major upgrade than when it was first discussed; lots of development resources are required.

Neither a release date nor a price has been established at this time.

The upgrade policy will probably be very similar to the policy for upgrade of DEVONagent 1.x users to DEVONagent 2.0.

Well, a discouraging word here…

I have been trying to keep everything synced between two Macs, a Palm Treo, and my dot-Mac account. I’m slowly coming to realize that it’s a bad idea.

If nothing else, the massive database size of DEVONthink projects would overwhelm Palm RAM, or dot-Mac storage.

I think I’m going to use a mix of Yojimbo for dot-Mac sync of quotes and clippings, SplashID for Palm sync of passwords and serial numbers, Entourage for Palm note/to-do sync, and DEVONthink for massive amounts of PDFs and Web archives. Each tool for a specific purpose, since nothing can do it all… and attempts to “do it all” are disastrous. (Check out the Chronos SOHO Notes boards for examples!)

I wasn’t meaning we should sync the whole thing!
In StickyBrain we had a folder called Palm. Things saved in there were kept in sync with the PDA via the memo pad. The biggest gripe was that we couldn’t use subfolders.
Since SB4 and now SOSO Notes (new icon, new name, new bugs) things have been slowing down. Last night I exported all my SB notes to DTPro, and finally deleted the bloated monster.

Until the new DTPro I will just have to use another app (Markspace Memopad?) to keep my PDA notes sorted

I use Mark/Space MemoPad although, sadly, it doesn’t have AppleScript support (yet).