OneDrive to DT sync/automation

I have a OneDrive folder on my Mac. When on my windows I add files to the OneDrive folder and it syncs.

Later I get on my Mac and move these OneDrive files into my DT library.

Can I improve this workflow or automate this. Really would be nice to have a windows drop to DT global inbox or something.

Are you intending to move the files into DEVONthink?

You could try indexing the specific drop folder in OneDrive (and no, I wouldn’t just index the entire OneDrive repo without careful consideration).

Indexing is discussed in the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing , especially the Indexing and the file system section. Pay special attention to the Indexing and the filesystem section so you understand how actions in DEVONthink can affect files in the file system.

Yes, I dont care if they exist in onedrive once in devonthink and syncd across my devices. I actually prefer once in DT that they are removed from the onedrive folder I have.

In my onedrive I have a folder #Devonthink that I have subfolders:

| #Devonthink

  • | DatabaseName
    — Subfolder
  • | OtherDatabaseName
    — Subfolders

Currently, on my mac I have DT on the left and Onedrive folder on the right in Files. I move what is in Onedrive to the cooresponding Database/Subfolder.

This process little manual works but trying to automate it a bit so when onedrive syncs it is then picked up and added to Devonthink even if I have a seperate database or inbox that makes them available and I can sort later (move to proper database and group).

Reading more about indexing, I will give that a go and see if that works for me. Thanks

You’re welcome.

You could potentially employ smart rules to handle the moving of files into DEVONthink and filing them in their appropriate destinations. :smiley:

OOOHhhh my this is perfect.

Awesome! :slight_smile:
But again… read and understand that section. Indexing isn’t the default behavior for a reason.

Ya, I will try it out for a bit. But from some tests it seems to work right now. At least onedrive has a history in case it goes wrong I can restore from. As well as keeping my timecapsule updated then regularly checking the databases, reproting on any errors or missing files. I wont really mess with thte files or need searchable unless I move them in.